Our brand collage

Our brand is a direct reflection of who we are as an organization and of the relationships that we share with our partnering organizations.

A better future for South Carolina

Children’s Trust is South Carolina’s leader for the prevention of child abuse, neglect and injuries. We want every child to experience a great childhood, growing up healthy, nurtured, safe and strong.  South Carolina’s vulnerable children and families need solutions, grounded in research and fueled by collaboration, that focus on two-generation strategies and sustainability to reduce child abuse and neglect in our state.

We know a better future starts with better childhoods, and when prevention is strong, South Carolina is strong.


Our mission, vision and values


Strengthen families and lead communities to prevent child abuse, neglect and injuries in South Carolina


South Carolina is strong — every child, every family, every community


  • Leadership. We use our voice and expertise to advocate for children and mobilize collective resources to keep South Carolina’s children out of harm’s way and prepare them for a successful life.
  • Inclusiveness. Children and their families are best served when everyone works together, embracing diverse skills, roles and perspectives.
  • Innovation. We embrace new ideas and methods to transform South Carolina for its children and families.
  • Trust. We seek excellence in all that we do for South Carolina’s children and families. We are strong stewards of our resources, committed to transparency in our decision making and financial practice, and have confidence in our staff and partners.

Communication foundation

We are the leading prevention organization in South Carolina because of our resources, experience, expertise, credibility and passion. Therefore, our visual identity will be bold and engaging.

Our prevention work is grounded in a strengths-based approach. Our stories are best told from a position of strength reflecting happy, healthy and safe children as compared to images and stories of children who have experienced trauma.


Proper usage of our name

We are Children's Trust of South Carolina. "The" should not be used when referring to our name nor should the words South Carolina be in front of Children's Trust. We have provided a few examples below. Those with a strikethrough are incorrect representations.

  • Children's Trust of South Carolina
  • The Children's Trust
  • The Children's Trust of South Carolina
  • South Carolina's Children's Trust

Our Brand and Identity Guide

This helpful resource illustrates our brand as the organization preventing child abuse and neglect in South Carolina. It includes several helpful sections that include logo assets, visual assets, branded assets and our sub-brands. It also gives guidance on our logo usage, colors and image styles. This guide should be used if you are creating anything representing our brand.

Brand Identity Guide (PDF)


Logo requests

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Due to concerns surrounding the coronavirus/COVID-19, Children’s Trust is moving events to virtual platforms or postponing to a more suitable time. Please check your event listings or inquire with the appropriate staff person.