Financial Information

We believe in maintaining the highest standards of financial accountability and transparency. Below is a summary of our revenues and expenses for fiscal year beginning Oct. 1, 2015 and ending Sept. 30, 2016.


Program Specific Operating Grants
Federal $9,798,297
State $2,934,060
Local and foundations $1,158,918
Individual and Corporate Donations
Contributions $270,663
In-kind $128,916
Charges for Services
Fiduciary oversight $37,000
General Revenues
Investment earnings $120,058
Other $4,410
TOTAL REVENUES $14,452,322


Prevention Services $10,275,953
Program Development and Partnership Convening $1,372,117
Administration and Strategy $835,318
Education and Professional Development $709,618
Communications and Development $423,687
Advocacy and Policy $231,725
Research and Evaluation $145, 700
TOTAL EXPENSES $13,994,118

Key financial highlights for fiscal year 2016

  • Key partner in Pay for Success initiative, involving facilitation of $14 million between partners
  • Provided $10,659,192 in grants and contracts to organizations providing services throughout the state
  • Completed 45 trainings throughout the state to 1,449 participants, the majority of which were community prevention trainings working to prevent child abuse
  • Managed $16 million in pass-through funding
  • Received $270,663 in restricted and unrestricted donations
  • Received $128,916 in in-kind donations, including an in-kind rent donation of $19,172 from Belser Five upon the termination of operating lease
  • Received community support from 96 volunteers, who provided more than 1,148 hours with a value of time of more than $19,413

1. Revenues not included in chart have percentages less than one.