Frequently Asked Questions

What is Children’s Trust of South Carolina?

Children’s Trust is a tax-exempt, charitable organization under Internal Revenue Service section 501(c)(3). We work to strengthen and support public and private prevention efforts that keep children safe. We focus our efforts on preventing child abuse, neglect and unintentional injuries. Our “official” name is Children’s Trust Fund of South Carolina.

Are you a state agency?

We are a public/private nonprofit organization. In 1984 the S.C. Legislature established our organization as an eleemosynary corporation to award grants to private nonprofit organizations and qualified state agencies in order to stimulate a broad range of innovative child abuse and neglect prevention programs to meet critical needs of South Carolina. We have state oversight through Office of Executive Policy and Programs, and board members are appointed by the governor of S.C. At the same time, we function as a charitable organization under Internal Revenue Service section 501(c)(3), and our board is authorized to carry out a wide range of functions. Check out our authorizing legislation.

What is your history? Didn’t you merge with other organizations?

In 2006, Children’s Trust Fund of South Carolina and Voices for South Carolina’s Children recognized, through community collaboration, that they had similar missions and purposes. Reaching out to Prevent Child Abuse South Carolina, the three organizations came together in 2008 under the name of Children’s Trust of South Carolina. Safe Kids South Carolina joined in 2010.

In 2011 Children’s Trust was named by Governor Sanford as the lead agency for this historic, federal investment for Maternal, Infant and Early Childhood (MIECHV) Home Visiting program. In January 2012, Children’s Trust is named the South Carolina grantee for KIDS COUNT by the Annie E. Casey Foundation. That same year the board of directors adopted a 10-year target to reduce child abuse, neglect and unintentional injuries by 50 percent.

What are the programs of Children’s Trust?

Children’s Trust is home to KIDS COUNT South Carolina, Safe Kids South Carolina, Prevent Child Abuse South Carolina and other programs that deliver on our mission. We also coordinate delivery for Maternal, Infant and Early Childhood (MIECHV) Home Visiting. We deliver a wide variety of professional training programs and administer the community-based child abuse prevention grants. In 2013 we added Strengthening Families program to multiple sites throughout the state.

What is your mission?

To strengthen and support public and private prevention efforts that keep South Carolina’s children safe.

What do you do and how do you prevent child abuse and neglect?

We are an umbrella organization, much like a United Way or community foundation. We focus our work on child well-being, safety and prevention. We foster a prevention community to share expertise and experience. We fund programs, measure results and ensure delivery on critical prevention work. We train professionals on how strengthen families, protect children and recognize abuse. We help families understand what it takes to keep kids safe. We advocate for positive public policies that promote child well-being.

What are your income sources?

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that relies on donations and grants to operate. A breakdown of our income source distribution can be found on our financials page. We receive a $100,000 appropriation from the state of South Carolina to leverage our Community-Based Child Abuse Prevention (CBCAP) grants. It comes as a direct line item in the Governor’s annual budget.