Ways you can get involved

Our prevention work allows us the opportunity to work with a wide range of individuals, professionals, policy makers and decision makers. There is something for everyone and there is always something going on. For families we have a wide range of information on our Building Strong Families and Keeping Kids Safe areas. For professionals, check out our Prevention Learning Center. For people interested in policy, please visit what we do in Advocacy and Media. If you want to join us in delivering on our vision that every child in South Carolina has the opportunity to thrive in healthy environment, consider the following.

Donate or Become a Sponsor

Help us keep kids safe in South Carolina by donating. Every donation – large or small – is an opportunity to improve a life…or many lives. There are many different ways you can help. You can sponsor an event, support us through Amazon.com, hold your own fundraiser or even make a simple online donation. Check out our donation opportunities.

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Share our Stories

Check out our blog for up-to-date stories on our prevention work. There is also stories about Advocacy issues that are important for children.

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Follow Us On Social Media

Through social media we provide great resources and ideas that are important in a families everyday life. Be sure you’re getting great information all the time by following us on Twitter and being a friend on Facebook. Check out our social networks below.

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Children’s Trust offers a range of volunteer opportunities. We encourage you to get involved and to help us deliver on our mission that every child in South Carolina has the opportunity to thrive in a healthy, nurturing environment. Check out our current volunteer opportunities and how you can participate.

Our Volunteer Opportunities

Be a Safety Advocate For Kids

Be a safety advocate for the kids in your life. Follow best practices and encourage others by your words and actions. Check out our Keeping Kids Safe area for valuable ways to keep children safe during a house fire, while out boating, bicycling and so much more.

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Help Families With Everyday Struggles

Help families be strong and flexible, have friends, connect them with resources and help them to understand how children grow. Families have so much going on and it really helps when information like this is available to help. We have dedicated an entire area, Building Strong Families to information and resources that are great for families to use everyday. See how you can use this or share with someone you know.

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