Parent Prevention Survey

Children’s Trust of South Carolina is conducting a brief survey of parents in your area to identify which resources and supports are available to help parents care for their children. We are working with Chapin Hall, a research center at the University of Chicago, to help us interpret the survey results and increase prevention services throughout the state.

We know that raising children can be tough, and we are interested in learning about how you do your job as a parent. We are gathering information about what is most valuable to you as a parent in meeting the needs of your children and how you use these resources.

Specifically, we are interested in learning about the resources available in your community to help you, which of these resources you have used and why you think your community is a good place to raise children. We also are interested in understanding how family members help each other out in caring for their children and concerns you might have about being able to meet all of your children’s needs.

The survey is anonymous and no identifying information is being collected. However, you will be asked to provide some general demographic information (e.g., age, education level, race/ethnicity) so that we can accurately describe the group of parents who complete the survey.

The information you provide will help Children’s Trust build stronger communities and better connect parents to the resources they need.

Completion of this survey will take approximately 15 to 20 minutes.

Take the Survey