Frequently Asked Questions

What does this new program aim to do?

The Community Support for Young Parents program aims to support young pregnant teens and parents in targeted communities in South Carolina through an innovative, collaborative approach. Communities in four counties have been selected for the program – Darlington, Richland and Spartanburg. The program has four goals

  1. Increase the educational attainment of S.C. young parents – mothers and fathers
  2. Reduce the number of repeat teen pregnancies and births among S.C. teens
  3. Improve parenting skills and ensure children in S.C. are well-cared for
  4. Increase quality, quantity and awareness of services for young parents

Who will qualify to receive support through this new program?

The grant supports young parents who are currently pregnant or already parenting.

What state-level organizations are collaborating on the Community Support for Young Parents program?

  • Children’s Trust of South Carolina
  • South Carolina Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy
  • South Carolina Thrive / The Benefit Bank
  • South Carolina Center for Fathers and Families
  • South Carolina Rural Health Research Center’s Division of Maternal and Child Health, located in the Department of Health Services Policy Management in the Norman J. Arnold School of Public Health at the University of South Carolina

What is the total amount that has been awarded to implement Community Support for Young Parents at the statewide level?

$1.5 million per year for four years. This includes program implementation at the four sites plus state-level oversight, technical support and measurement for each.

How is this new program being funded?

Funding for this effort comes through the Pregnancy Assistance Fund at the Office of Adolescent Health (OAH) at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Children’s Trust is the primary grantee to develop programs and services to support young pregnant women and young parents in South Carolina.

How can I find more information for pregnant and parenting teens and young adults?


Who is the contact for the news media?

Bett Williams
Director of Content Marketing and Communications