Children’s Trust is South Carolina’s leading advocate and resource on issues that impact children and families.

We work to improve the lives of all children, especially those most vulnerable and their families, by supporting and advancing policy at the state and federal level.

Our main focus is prevention and early intervention, with an emphasis on child maltreatment and safety.


Our Legislative Priorities

Children's Trust produces research and information on key policy issues of interest to public officials, advocates and child serving professionals.

We strive to produce high-quality, non-partisan issue briefs that inform adoption and implementation of policies that effectively service children and families.

Policy Brief for the Office of Child's Advocate (PDF)


Early Childhood Common Agenda

In collaboration with child well-being advocates across South Carolina, Children’s Trust champions legislation through the Early Childhood Common Agenda, which promotes strong families and increased opportunity for children.

Early Childhood Common Agenda

Join our Advocacy Network

We value the voices willing to join us in our advocacy efforts to improve child well-being in South Carolina. As our policy agenda develops and progresses, you will receive information from us on how you can take action. From requesting your help with phone calls or letters to elected officials to discussion on priorities that are important to you, we want you to join us.

What to expect after joining

  • We will keep you up to date on issues of importance so that you can decide your level of engagement.
  • We will give you the information and tools you need to be effective. From specialized advocacy training to talking points, we will provide the resources you need to be successful in you efforts.
  • We will not share your name or information with anyone outside our organization without an additional, specific request from us.

Legislative links and resources

Track legislation that affects children

This comprehensive compilation is automatically updates as legislation is introduces and as changes are made to existing legislation.