Parenting tips for fathers

Fathers, you have a special place in your children’s lives.

Children whose fathers take an active part in their daily lives tend to be more well-adjusted and better equipped for success. It’s not easy being a father, but don’t think that you aren’t as important as the mother. Roles may not always be the same, but parental interest in children can make a significant difference.

  • Give your children hugs and kisses often; children need physical comfort and contact from their fathers.
  • Tell them how much they mean to you, "You’re really important to me."
  • Praise their efforts, especially if they don’t succeed; teach them the importance of doing their best.
  • Give your children rules and make sure your rules are clear to them; don’t say "maybe" when you mean "no."
  • Explain your rules; it’s important that children understand why they need to follow those rules.
  • Be consistent  with your rules; children get confused when you seem to change your mind without any reason.
  • Use effective discipline to help children develop self-control; set limits and encourage children to feel good about them.