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We work best when we work together

No single individual, organization, or government agency working alone can stop child maltreatment or ensure that children never suffer or perish from devastating trauma or injuries. This is why our work that brings together best practices, expertise and resources is so important.

Child well-being coalition

Local and state agencies, community members and organizations work to improve opportunities for South Carolina children living in poverty. The focus is to support and implement evidence-based and promising practices policy and programs to mitigate poverty and improve child well-being. Coordination of the coalition is funded by a contract with the S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control.

Key documents for the coalition

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Race equity and inclusion learning collaborative

The Race Equity and Inclusion (REI) Learning Collaborative is a group of local and state agencies, community organizations and nonprofits, and others who are working to incorporate REI into organizational practice. The purpose of the REI Learning Collaborative is to provide tools, resources, and opportunities to connect and foster ongoing dialogue among child- and family-serving organizations to incorporate REI into organizational practice. By addressing racial and inclusion inequities, we can achieve equitable opportunities and outcomes for all children and families in South Carolina.

Key documents for the learning collaborative

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