COLUMBIA, S.C. (WOLO) – Children’s Trust of South Carolina is the Kids Count grant recipient in our state. The organization announced it has reached a new benchmark Tuesday. “This is the 28th year of the kids count project and I am happy to share that we in South Carolina rank at 39th in the nation in overall child well-being. Outranking Georgia who is 42nd and Florida who is 40th,” said Children’s Trust of S.C. Chief Executive Officer Sue Williams.

Kids Count measures child well-being in four areas: economic well-being, education, health, family and community.Childcare professionals like Barbara Scott say the information offers perspective on what she can focus on with their pupils. “It so much fit my desires for what I wanted for my children or the dreams that I have for my children and the level in which I want to take them to and partnership with our parents and districts and with the community to make sure that better is possible for our children,” said Barbara Scott of Myers Nursery and Day Care.

Though Barbara says she is impressed with the improved statistics, she believes there is always room for improvement.“I do see that there is much that is needed in order to enhance those scores. I think what we’ll be doing to partnership with them will give us and them the opportunity to bring those numbers up.” said Scott. To view more data about kids in our state, visit

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