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Children’s Trust supports a resource network database powered by findhelp. It provides parents and families with information to find assistance in their communities, and it helps organizations coordinate care for their clients and constituents.

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What is SC Parents?

South Carolina Parents

SC Parents, powered by findhelp, is a website that allows families to easily find and connect with parenting resources that include local free and reduced-cost social service programs to address family needs. These programs are localized and can be found by zip code.

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How we work together

Through partnerships with local community organizations, SC Parents makes it easy for South Carolina residents to find programs that help them stay in their homes, feed their families, and assist with other needs like employment, education, child care, and more.

The more organizations that claim their program, the more robust the resource network becomes.

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Amplify your impact

This free tool is available to support an organization’s work by acting as an accessible and robust resource network database as well as a central referral network. Using the findhelp platform allows community-based organizations to not only receive referrals but also track referrals.

Claiming your program allows you to receive referrals, access and update your program’s information, create intake screeners and eligibility assessments, review reporting and analytics tools, and more – at no charge.

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