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Held the first Thursday of every month from 10 to 11:30 a.m., Learning Thursdays raise awareness of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and protective factors, including positive childhood experiences, that help to address ACEs.

Adverse childhood experiences

This session will focus on adverse childhood experiences or ACEs. The ACE study confirms, with scientific evidence, that adversity during development increases the risk of physical, mental and behavioral problems later in life. The ACE study and other research using the study’s framework have taught us that ACEs are the leading cause of health and social problems in our nation – the most powerful determinant of the public’s health. ACE sessions use the ACE Interface® curriculum focused on neuroscience and epigenetics, the ACE Study and impact of ACEs, and resilience to overcome and prevent ACEs. Trainers for this session TBA. 

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Deadline to register is October 26.

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Alexis Dow
Training Associate
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