Chief Executive Officer

Sue Williams, MBA
Chief Executive Officer
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Bett Farrell Williams
Chief Communications Officer
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Todd Hooks
Art Director
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Maggie Lynn, MSW
Communications Manager
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Emilyn Ropp
Lipscomb Associate
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Neil White
Communications Content Specialist
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Amelia Wilks
Community Relations Coordinator
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Andrea Tucker, CPA
Chief Financial Officer
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McKenzie Hudson
Senior Grants Accountant
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Laquita Mitchell
Grants Accountant
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Tyrell Prentice
Senior Accountant
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Riyah Sadler
Staff Accountant
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Deb Werdunn
Director of Grants and Contracts Management
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Home Visiting

Cathy Ramage
Director of Home Visiting
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Katrin Bost, MPH
Home Visiting Systems Coordinator
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Kelsay Daniels
Home Visiting Coordinator
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Joan Fail Hoffman, MBA, SHRM-SCP
Chief Operating Officer
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Alison Askins
Event Planner
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Jennifer Haley
Executive Assistant
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Caitlyn McAnulty
Donor Relations Coordinator
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Ameka Neely, SHRM-CP
Human Resources and Payroll Manager
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Partner Engagement

Eric Bellamy
Chief Partner Engagement Officer
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Courtney Matthews
Program Assistant
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Dana Powell, M.Ed.
Community Engagement and Training Coordinator
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Sarah Schiavone
Family Engagement and Resource Coordinator
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Michael Shirley
Director of Community and Workforce Development
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Phillip Cease
Senior Director of Policy and Advocacy
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Research, Evaluation and Community Impact

Kayce Singletary, LMSW, MPH, CHES
Senior Director of Community Impact
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Aditi Srivastav Bussells, Ph.D., MPH
Director of Research
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Amanda Stafford McRell, MPA
Graduate Research Assistant
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Strengthening Families

Sherri Caldwell
Director of Community Initiatives
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Karen Dukes-Smith, M.A., M.Ed
Senior Strengthening Families Program Coordinator
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Lillian Garcia
Strengthening Families Program Coordinator
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Coretta Jamison
Strengthening Families Program Coordinator
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Jacqulynn Martinez, LMSW, CPS
Strengthening Families Program Coordinator
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Lauren Szymonik
Strengthening Families Program Coordinator
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Triple P

Abby Wilson, MHA
Director of Community Initiatives
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Virginia Bikas
Community Capacity Coach
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Mariah Kowalkowski
Community Capacity Coach
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