With funding provided by The Duke Endowment, Children’s Trust of South Carolina will continue the Positive Parenting Program, also known as Triple P, in Georgetown, Greenville and Spartanburg Counties. Funding will also support building and convening a network of Triple P providers throughout South Carolina.

“We are grateful for the generous support of The Duke Endowment. They have been a tremendous partner in our shared mission to prevent child abuse and neglect in South Carolina,” said Children’s Trust CEO Sue Williams. “This innovative work has helped to build  model prevention system that can be replicated in communities to reinforce positive parenting and change the state’s approach to the prevention of child abuse and neglect.” 

“We are proud to support Children’s Trust as it works to expand the availability of Triple P in South Carolina,” said Phil Redmond, director of the Endowment’s Child and Family Well-Being program area. “Triple P’s flexible, evidence-based suite of interventions offers a valuable resource to communities seeking to improve their support for families and better protect children.”

Children’s Trust funds a coordinating agency in each county to support and ensure services are delivered through a wide range of local service delivery partners, including pediatricians, educators, schools, faith-based organizations, and child care providers. The Mary Black Foundation funded the startup of Triple P in Spartanburg and Children’s Trust funded work in Greenville and Georgetown. This investment will continue that work.

The ultimate goal of Triple P is that caregivers in need of parenting seminars or specialized services can readily access the help they need. Three local coordinating agencies and their partners have served more than 2,300 caregivers impacting more than 7,500 children:

  • Greenville First Step in Greenville County
  • Hope Center for Children in Spartanburg County
  • Tidelands Health in Georgetown County

Abby Wilson, Children’s Trust director of community initiatives, has been with the project since its start in 2018.

“We are looking forward to building on the successes of the past three years, including the significant impact the program is having on families as they navigate a wide range of parenting challenges,” Wilson said.

To date, the Triple P project includes 83 service delivery organizations and has trained more than 170 practitioners through Triple P America. An important next step of the work is to identify and link the trained Triple P professionals across the state.

“We want to pull everyone together so that these professionals can learn and share from each other,” added Wilson. “We also want the network to be better connected so that families can more readily know where to get help.” 

Children’s Trust is asking that anyone who has been trained in Triple P in any of the five levels to take a brief, five-minute survey and sign up for the Triple P provider newsletter. Participation will help Children’s Trust learn more about the Triple P providers, their services and the resources that would be helpful for programs across South Carolina.

This information will be used to plan the Triple P South Carolina Practitioner Network launching later this year. In the upcoming months, Children’s Trust will share details on ways trained providers can get involved.  

Triple P is an evidence-based proven prevention program that provides parents, grandparents, and caregivers with the skills to manage parenting challenges while building healthy family relationships and promoting positive child development.

Triple P’s five steps to positive parenting are:

  • Create a safe, interesting environment,
  • Have a positive learning environment,
  • Use assertive discipline,
  • Have realistic expectations, and
  • Take care of yourself.

To learn more about Triple P in South Carolina, please contact Abby Wilson at awilson@scchildren.org or call 803-744-4060.

If you are a Triple P Provider, please take a 5-minute survey and sign up to receive the latest information on Triple P in South Carolina.